Restrictive Covenants: Know Your Options

You have worked hard to build your career. Our goal is to help preserve your future job opportunities.

What Are Restrictive Covenants?

A restrictive covenant is an agreement that limits what you can do and where you can work. A restrictive covenant could be a non-compete agreement that prevents you from working in a particular industry or a non-solicitation agreement that prohibits you from working with certain customers. In many cases, restrictive covenants are included in the documents you sign when you start a job. These restrictions can have a significant impact on what you can do afterward.

There May Be No Need To Restrict You

Not all restrictive covenants are enforceable. Moreover, even a valid restrictive covenant should be no broader than necessary to protect your former employer from unfair competition. It may not, however, be used to unfairly keep you from earning a living. Whether, and to what extent, a restrictive covenant is enforceable, can be a complicated question. We have the expertise to advise you about your options.

Let Us Help You Get It Right

If you are asked to sign a restrictive covenant, it is critical to get legal advice first. If your former employer threatens to enforce an agreement you signed or accuses you of violating your agreement, it is important to act quickly. We invite you to speak with one of Vladeck, Raskin & Clark, P.C.'s attorneys.

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