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Vladeck, Waldman, Elias & Engelhard, P.C.

New York Labor and Employment Law Attorneys

A history of making the law work for working people

Established in New York City in 1949 as a union-side labor firm, Vladeck, Raskin & Clark, P.C. for decades has been nationally recognized as one of the preeminent firms in the fields of labor and employment law.

We have litigated numerous precedent-setting individual and class action cases, achieving many major victories for our clients, and helping to develop the laws that give workers the benefits to which they are entitled.

We have led the way in class actions for—

  • Professional women
  • Women in non-traditional positions
  • African-Americans
  • Older workers
  • Employees caught in corporate mergers

How we can help you

We invite you to review our areas of practice to see where your case may fit with the experience and skills of our legal team:

Respected.  Trusted.  Passionate.  Involved.

Employers have learned that when we represent a client, we are serious and are ready to take on the client's cause. Because we are known to be prepared to take cases to trial, we are frequently successful in negotiating resolutions for our clients short of litigation. In fact, some of our biggest successes are settlements you will not find on our website or in reported decisions.

Our attorneys are an accomplished and diverse group of professionals. They have—

  • Taught at prestigious law schools and colleges
  • Lectured to educate other attorneys concerning employment law
  • Written extensively on legal topics
  • Served in leadership positions in bar groups and as law clerks for federal judges
  • Experience in government or public service

Regardless of background, our lawyers share a tenacity for seeking justice and protecting the interests of our clients.

Protecting workers' rights for more than 50 years

Vladeck, Raskin & Clark, P.C. provides comprehensive employment law legal services. Please call us at (212) 403-7300 or contact us online. One of our attorneys will call you to discuss a possible consultation.